About - Defiderm


Founded in 2011, VesCir is a biotech company dedicated to health and beauty which focuses on developing products that help people better care for their skin’s actual needs. We believe everyone deserves to have healthy skin that radiates his or her natural beauty and the key to success is understanding their skin better than ever. Knowing how your skin conditions change over time allows you to find the skincare routine that will work best for you.


Our first product, défiderm, is a smart skin condition and environmental analyzer. We combine electrical and bio-photon technologies to provide innovative, safe, accurate and user-friendly products. défiderm not only evaluates and tracks your hydration, skin pigmentation and health levels, but can also offer you personalized advice. Now, we are also developing new functions and willing to constantly deliver better-integrated products and services to our customers.

It is our mission to provide innovative and accessible professional solutions to the benefit of both customers and skin care brands. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to health care devices. We can provide personal skin health records with customized advice for all users, and the skin data we retrieve can reciprocally help skin care retailers and brands to constantly improve their products lines more efficiently. With our technology, we believe skin-care field can be improved and influenced.